Factors to Consider when Choosing a Residential Aged Care Facility for Your Loved One

Moving an aged loved one to a residential aged care facility is arguably one of the most challenging things to do for most people. Not only is it psychologically draining, but it is also an emotional rollercoaster, especially if your loved one is not prepared for the move. Therefore, when planning for aged care, there is a lot you need to think about. Before you even start looking for the right aged care facility, you have to understand that the move is going to be a huge lifestyle change for your loved one. This article highlights critical factors you must consider when choosing a residential aged care facility.


The government continues to play a pivotal role in aged care service provision by paying approved providers a percentage of residential care. The move has made quality aged care affordable for Australian families because they don't have to worry about paying huge sums out of pocket. However, since you want the best possible facility you can find for your aged loved one, you might end up being choosy and pick a facility that is far away from where you live. If the trip to the facility takes several hours, then you might struggle to keep up with visitations. Therefore, it is essential to choose an aged care facility with reasonable proximity to where you live. The nearer it is, the more comfortable your loved one will feel and the easier it will be for them to settle.

Move-in Flexibility

Most aged persons want to spend time with their children and grandchildren a day or two before moving into an aged care facility. Families prefer to do this during the weekends when most people are free. However, if the facility does not make admissions on weekends, you will be forced to move your loved one on a weekday. It can be difficult if you have a day job and may hurt the moving process. For this reason, it is essential to choose a facility that has a flexible admission policy. It will allow you to schedule the moving process and still make it possible for your loved one to spend some time with the family.

Administration Accessibility

Without a doubt, the first few weeks of moving into a residential added care facility are going to be hard for your loved one. It does not matter if staffs try their best to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Therefore, it is critical to keep in touch with the facility's administration. However, accessibility will determine how fast your concerns are addressed. If you have to go through several assistants to get to the administrator, then that is not the right facility for your loved one. It is vital that the administrator be accessible either face-to-face or by phone because they are the only person who can adequately address any concerns that you have.